About Lori

Lori Mazenko Counseling

As a licensed Therapist and a Life Strategist with 20+ years in the corporate world as a banker and business owner, I blend my education and experience in therapeutic approaches to help you overcome obstacles that are preventing you from living the kind of life you desire.

You’ll find that sessions with me are a bit different than therapy-as-usual.

My background as a published author of two parenting books, and as a working mother of three, I understand the struggles of balancing a healthy, fulfilling work and home life.

When you are ready to make a significant change in your life, ready to tackle that area that holds you back, I am the person to call.

You are the hero in this story, I am merely the guide. If you are prepared to see resolution, healing, success and ultimately joy in your life, let’s work together.

I’m ready, are you?

Certifications & Professional Development

Continuing Education:

  • Self-Regulation in Children
  • Implementing Independent Practice Integrated Care
  • New Frontiers In Trauma Treatment with Bessel VanDerKolk
  • Summit: Emotion, Trauma and DBT: Integrating Research & Intervention
  • Alpha Stim – Cranial Electrical Stimulation for treatment of anxiety, depression and insomnia
  • Emotion Focused Couples Therapy
  • Gottman Couples Therapy Level 1
  • Attachment w/Dr. Ann Corwin
  • Psychopharmacology @ Western Seminary
  • Zero to Three – Military Families
  • Caring for Rural Veterans
  • Domestic Violence Training
  • Counseling Axis II Clients
  • Suicide Prevention Training
  • Creating Sanctuary (trauma informed care) with Dr. Sandra Bloom
  • Pff training with Dr. Ann Corwin
  • DSM 5 training at Western Seminary


  • Coaching for Change
  • Language of Coaching

Certifications & Professional Development:

  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • National Certified Counselor
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Certified Facilitator (10/14-10/15)
  • Girls Circle Certified Facilitator
  • Strengthening Family Facilitator
  • Social & Cultural Foundations Instructor @ Western Seminary (2 classes)

My Story

My love of psychology grew out of my high school psychology class. Yep, all those high school classes that we think don’t matter, plant seeds that grow and grow. About the same time, I was a volunteer at the Bay Area Crisis Nursery, this was a safe house for children while parents were escaping from domestic violence. My heart was touched by the plight of these children. I didn’t know how that was going to come together. Yet, life sent me in a different direction, I entered the corporate world, while attending school at night.

After 8 years of night school I graduated from California State University – East Bay with a Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Psychology. As a banker, I chose to combine my interest in Psychology with business, resulting in a well-rounded education and work experience that suited me well. I remained in corporate America as an administrator working on multi-million dollar loan transactions. It was high-paced, demanding and fulfilling. With the arrival of my first daughter, and the desire to be more available, I took my business knowledge and all my years of study, plus my desire to help children and families and entered entrepreneurship by launching a publishing company with my sister, we created the brand Paranoid Sisters, wrote and published two books, had them translated into Spanish and sold the heck of our them!

We spent several years as national experts on child safety, appeared on television and were a part of hundreds of newspaper, magazine articles and radio shows, as well as public speakers on the topic. This was an amazing experience. Helping families, preventing injuries, savings lives.

After 20 years of corporate life and entrepreneurship, I decided to return to my first love of helping others and also encouraging others to grow to their maximum potential. Which is where I am today. As a full-time Licensed Professional Counselor and Life Strategist, I combine the best of both worlds. I help people uncover and resolve issues that keep them stuck, guide them to discover where they want to go in life and encourage them to get there.

Not wanting to entirely abandon my corporate roots and business ownership I also enjoy facilitating trainings and teaching. I am very excited about launching the newest part of my business which is therapy for business professionals and executive coaching… helping companies support and maximize their employees potential… it’s a win-win.

I am committed to staying cutting edge in my treatment as well as development of people. Therefore, I am a voracious reader, self-teacher and attend trainings throughout the year to bring the latest in neuroscience, psychology and development to my Clients. I’ve got an abundance of experience and knowledge that I want to put to work guiding and supporting you in your dreams!