Lori Mazenko LPC, NCC

Therapist – Coach – Life Strategist

You came here for a reason. Are you ready to try a new approach?

Maybe you are an executive who has become successful in your profession, however, you have one area in your life you have not found a way to master. Maybe you are a parent, who, is struggling with the enormous challenges of raising kids in a chaotic world. Or someone who finds themselves repeating behaviors that block your success.

What is getting in your way in life? Is it self-sabotage, a struggling relationship, parenting issues? I can help.

Studies show that most people wait an average of 10 years beyond the onset of indicators of needing help before they show up at a therapist’s office. TEN years! Why waste one more day struggling with an issue, that with some guidance and a safe place to discuss, can be resolved, or at least improved?

Connect with Lori

What is it costing you to wait?

Call me, let’s talk about it and see which service offering will help you experience the breakthrough you are looking for.

I offer:
Traditional Therapeutic Services (This focus is on healing, understanding history and breaking destructive patterns and behaviors)
Life Coaching and Strategic Planning (This focus is on the future, goal setting and building a foundation to expand your success)

Our phone consultation will help you determine which path would be most helpful to you.