Becoming a Bold, Beautiful Badass – Part 1

Join us for an empowering, insightful day, that will prepare you for letting your bold, beautiful badass self shine through!
You were created for a bold, beautiful badass purpose!  But what?  Most people spend their days telling themselves everything they can’t do, repeating mistakes in their heads, beating themselves up.  Well ladies, that is not going to get you where you want to go.  It’s time to silence your inner critic and start creating the life you’ve always wanted. This starts with preparing your vessel… Yep!  Not just a new hair color or pretty nails…. there’s more to your vessel and badassness than just what you look like on the outside.  What you look like on the inside is much more important.  Inside you are bold and beautiful…. Possibly you have forgotten that.  Join us for an empowering, insightful day, that will prepare you for letting your bold, beautiful badass self shine through!
This sounds amazing, you say!  And yes, it is.
In this one-day retreat in bold, beautiful, badass Hood River, Oregon you will receive:
Teaching and Coaching by Lori Mazenko, MA, LPC, NCC:  What we think about affects how we feel, which affects how we act.  Lori will share how to silence that inner critic, how our mind can be trained toward the outcomes we desire and help you create an action plan that you can start on the moment you walk out the door.
Refreshing massage from Tracy Olmstead, LMT:  Our bodies hold emotions that can cripple us physically and emotionally.  Tracy will enlighten you on how your body holds tight to these problems and the importance of finding physical release.  She will also delight you with a 15-minute mini massage during the day.
Reflective, soothing yoga from Savvy Adams-Ronk from Flow Yoga:  In order to hear our bold, beautiful, badass spirit within, we must quiet our mind and body.  Savvy will lead you through two yoga sessions to prepare our minds and bodies for healing and listening.
Delicious nutrition information from Maureen Sprague MS, RD, CDE:  Garbage in, garbage out.  Nourishing our beautiful vessels is one key to optimum operation and achievement.  Maureen will educate you on basic nutrition and help you identify some ways you can immediately change what goes in your body, allowing your beautiful self to function and shine in a bold, beautiful and badness way.
The wholeness approach, incorporating mind, body and nutrition will give you a gateway to making your body and mind strong and allowing your inner beauty, boldness and badass to shine through and help you accomplish your most desirable goals.
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This day is just  $135. All of this is offered in a very small group of just 7 participants.  You’ll get: 2 hours of coaching/teaching, 1.5 hours of yoga, 15 min massage, 30 nutrition education, yummy light lunch, a relaxed mind and body and be able to tap into your inner boldness, beauty and badassness.  Bonus: a beautiful view of Mt. Adams from The Good Medicine Lounge.

Space is limited, grab your spot today! Contact Lori Mazenko at 541-490-1916 or; or Tracy Olmstead at 541-490-5148 or

When:    Saturday, April 21, 2018 9-4:30 pm
Where:   Good Medicine Lounge, 1029 May Street, Hood River
What do I bring:  A yoga mat (if you have one, if not, we have some), a journal, wear comfortable clothes, a snack if
you desire for the morning.  Lunch and tea will be provided.
How much:    $135