Couples & Marriage Counseling

Couples & Marriage Counseling & Relationship Enrichment

Many people view couples counseling as two people at odds duking it out trying to get the therapist to change the other person or fix their relationship. I have seen this and it doesn’t work and it’s very damaging. Nobody wants to be in the room, including the therapist.

I have worked with many couples through difficult times and firmly believe that if two people have a remnant of love and caring and are willing to work together, they can build a loving, lasting relationship. You may be in a relationship that is on the edge of destruction and this is your last step before calling your attorney; please, call me first. Or maybe your relationship is actually okay but you want to take it from good to great.

That’s great, we can work towards that.

I combine attachment theory with elements of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Gottman Method to help couples have difficult conversations, build intimacy and renew their commitment to one another.

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What does a couples counseling session look like?

Couple sessions begin with taking an extensive confidential survey to help me see the areas of concern in your relationship as well as strengths.

Next we meet for 75 minutes to allow me to get to know you as a couple and hear your history, the challenges and hopes you have for your relationship.

Then I meet with each person for 45 minutes individually, which offers me the opportunity to get to know you directly and hear any hopes and concerns you may not wish to voice immediately with your mate present.

Finally, we reconvene, both partners present, and review strengths, weaknesses and goals.

Follow up sessions continue weekly, for 55 minutes to work on the goals set forth, have difficult conversations where they can be mediated, teach skills, build intimacy and trust to allow you to grow together as a couple, benefiting each of you, your children (if you have them) and families. The length of counseling depends on your concerns and goals. Counseling can be short-term (about 3-6 months) to address a specific problem or counseling can be long-term (1 to 2+ years) to address larger and more complex issues.