Rates & Insurance

Counseling Services:

It is my desire to provide excellent counseling services and treatment to my Clients; I have realized that contracting with some private/commercial insurance companies can interfere with my ability to work in the client-centered manner I believe is essential to provide quality psychological services. Using insurance requires that you have a mental health diagnosis, this is true with any counselor and every insurance company. If your focus is on healing, understanding history and breaking destructive patterns and behaviors this would fall under counseling services. Counseling services involve assessment, diagnosis and treatment. I have chosen to be In-Network with Pacific Source Health Plan and Community Solutions. All other insurance companies are billed as Out-of-Network.

Individual Counseling:

Intake Fee: 55 minutes: $210
55 minute counseling session: $175
80 minute counseling session: $245

Couples Counseling Assessment Package:

Couples Counseling is not billable to insurance which requires an identified patient and diagnosis.
75 minute Intake Session: $245
45 minute Individual Sessions $160 each x 2
75 minute collaboration and goal setting: Session: $245
Analysis of sessions, survey and report writing:  $195
Gottman survey (paid to Gottman):  $39

55 minute follow up/teaching/working Sessions: $195                                                                                                80 minute follow up/teaching/working Sessions: $285

Please see couples page for an explanation of the couples counseling process.


Business & Coaching Services:

Life Coaching & Strategy Package :
Four – 55 minute phone or Skype sessions in a 6 week period:  $895

Coaching is all forward focus, planning, implementing and does not include assessment, diagnosis or treatment of a mental health disorder, therefore it is not billable to insurance.

Contact me for rates for business needs and executive coaching.