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Personal Development and Life Strategizing

personal development and coachingYou are doing well in life and want to grow and expand.  You want a collaborator to help you define and navigate some changes and growth.  This work can be exciting and fruitful, however, getting started may be a challenge for a person.  The service needed moves into personal development and life strategizing (sometimes called coaching).

Personal Development & Life Strategizing can help you:

Although it can seem like splitting hairs to find the distinctions between counseling services and coaching there are some solid ones.

According to the International Coaching Federation:

Therapy deals with healing pain, dysfunction and conflict within an individual or in relationships. The focus is often on resolving difficulties arising from the past that hamper an individual’s emotional functioning in the present, improving overall psychological functioning, and dealing with the present in more emotionally healthy ways. Coaching, on the other hand, supports personal and professional growth based on self-initiated change in pursuit of specific actionable outcomes. These outcomes are linked to personal or professional success. Coaching is future focused. While positive feelings/emotions may be a natural outcome of coaching, the primary focus is on creating actionable strategies for achieving specific goals in one’s work or personal life. The emphases in a coaching relationship are on action, accountability, and follow through.


Therapy for your Business and Executive Coaching


If you’re a leader in an organization, you’re the go to person.  Who does the go to person go to when they need to hash something out, plan or dream?  That’s where I come in.  You need a trusted, confidential place to sort out company issues, employee issues or maybe just your own, personal goals and desired achievements.  I can help.  I have worked with many top level executives through the years as well as professionals in many industries including health care, aviation, business owners, and more that need a secure environment to process and make decisions.  Possibly you would like to grow your own coaching skills to benefit those that work around you as well. Coaching empowers you to find answers while being encouraged and supported as you venture through making important choices and improves outcomes by being held accountable to those choices.

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Highly motivated and fulfilled employees at all levels produce high-performance results for organizations. I’m excited to be partnering with Jazz Business Consulting to be offering amazing solutions for your business needs. On-site training and executive coaching to help equip your managers, clarify your strategy, and grow your company.  Strategic planning, manager development and more. Ongoing coaching helps ensure that changes and new skills take hold and grow.  You can learn more about the breadth of services available by visiting :