Beautify Your Space

Beautify Your Space to Beautify Your Life

I have found that having a “space” that reflects me, with things I like to sit on, feel, see, touch and smell, puts my mind in a better space for doing the best job I can. Some of us are challenged in this area…not sure how to put things together to make our space feel great. I have asked an amazing decorator to help me, help you…. See even I know when to reach out and get some help. So here’s how it works, if you have a space in your home, office, yard that you’re not sure what to do with, causes you stress, bogs you down and doesn’t leave your mind clear to create and be productive, my friend, Pamela Blanchard can help. Just send us a picture of your space and ask your question and she will post some suggestions here of what you can do to make that space more functional, beautiful, manly, whatever you want, she is the woman for the job. Here’s an example….