If you could go back to your teenage years, what would you tell your younger self about life? I can think of several things, that is for sure! But one that really sticks out to me is this, “Learn to calm your thoughts and anxious self. Take time to sit in stillness, be quiet, listen, and breathe!”  

I don’t have to tell you that the world is noisy. Adults are overloaded each day with information and are inundated by sights, sounds, the pull of family, the high demands to perform in a job, and the strain of making ends meet, not to mention the current pandemic. Our brains are not meant to take in so much every day, and often produces anxiety or can even lead to depression.  And, while the information, the job, and the responsibilities are different as a teenager, (ie. schoolwork, expectations, relationships, jobs, parents, siblings), all these cause the same type of strain and stress and the feelings are just as valid and real for teens as they are for an adult.  

So why aren’t we teaching our teenagers how to meditate? To breathe, to be still, to calmly and thoughtfully consider all the demands, to take hold of the positive thoughts and learn to overcome the negative ones? Why do we wait until we are older and more mature, finally at wits end to determine that meditation and yoga might help us? Research has shown that meditation may calm the mind and promote better quality sleep and has many benefits including mental, emotional and physical ones. That’s why I believe that these tools learned at a young age can help avoid a lot of serious conflicts, emotional strain, anxiety, and depression.  

At 8pm PST on February 18th, meditation practitioner Austin Marques and I are offering an introduction to meditation class free to teens ages 15-17. We will be encouraging the building of community and guiding the attendees in a 30 minute class with a 15 minute meditation exercise to learn how to disconnect from electronics, shut out the noise, breathe, release stress, and to connect with their internal voice. The exercise will be a tool that students can use. The class will be via video conferencing, and is very casual, (teens can show up in their PJ’s, just be there).  

REGISTER NOW! If your teen, or a teen you know (neighbor, nieces, nephews, etc), are interested in this beneficial class, please have them email me at lori@lorimcounselor.com. Space is limited, so sign up early!

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