Recently I received a nice note from a client stating that I had been very helpful and that I had “clearly found my soul print.” She was referring to a book titled “Soulprint” by Mark Batterson which I had already read and thoroughly enjoyed.  However, her comment prompted me to read it once again, but this time more carefully.

I’m a little bit of a neuroscience nerd, and my little nerdy self jumped for joy this morning as I came across this quote from the book:

“Around the turn of the century, a pioneering psychologist named Alfred Adler proposed the counterintuitive theory of compensation. Adler believed that perceived disadvantages often proved to be the disguised advantages because they force us to develop attitudes and abilities that would have otherwise gone undiscovered. And it’s only as we compensate for those disadvantages that our greatest gifts are revealed.” —Mark Batterson, from the book “Soulprint” 

Often, I see people that believe their disadvantages keep them stuck (hence why they come and talk to me).  I love the opportunity to find different ways to be creative and new ways to help them accomplish their goals. That’s why this quote resonates with me so much and lines up with my work.  Even though it’s harsh and a disadvantage, this pandemic has caused some major creativity lately! People are becoming more innovative, they are developing and growing.  Yes, there is a lot of really bad stuff happening. Yes, we have to do our part to contain the virus. AND  I can’t help but want to pause a moment and focus on the growth that is coming from it.

Which leads me to ask you, are you feeling stuck or are you being creative and finding ways to stretch yourself outside of your normal? Today I’d like you to sit down with a piece of paper and answer these questions, then set up some challenges for yourself so that you can come out of this season stronger, changed (for the better), and on top of your game. 

    1. How are you growing during this time? Take a minute to remind yourself of your goals and aspirations. Write down some of your weaknesses and then write down your greatest strengths. Remind yourself of your vision and set yourself on track to continue to strive for that dream! 
    2. What attitudes can you change? It’s no secret that a negative attitude causes a ripple effect of stress, anxiety, and struggle. Write down ways you can face your daily obstacles with a different, more positive attitude and then believe in yourself! 
    3. Are there new skills you can learn to help you navigate these uncertain times? Do you ever find yourself in a desert, a dry spell where it feels like you are stuck and not growing? I believe that it’s during that time that you have the most opportunity to prepare yourself for what is to come! Do not be idle and wait for change, BE the change! Grow. Learn. Read. Go back to school. Only you will know what that looks like for you.  
    4. How are you going to use your struggle to help yourself and the world? There is something to say about being on the ground in a struggle.  It’s there we build resilience and creativity.  Use it to your advantage! 



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