When I was going through my divorce, I remember waking up in the morning as if there was a massive boulder on my chest. I flip-flopped between feeling numbness, hurt, relief, and anger, often within the span of a single hour. My mind was all over the place, and I struggled to make decisions or get anything done.

Maybe you’re going through a similar situation. Maybe life just feels overwhelming right now and you’re having trouble putting one foot in front of the other.

What helped me in those early stages was writing down the 5 most important tasks I knew had to get done every single day. No matter what happened during the day or what I was worried about, all I had to accomplish were my 5 tasks.

My task list looked like this most days:

1. Spend time with God

2. Take care of my kids and make sure their needs are met

3. Spend at least 5 minutes doing breathwork

4.  Think about something I’m grateful for today, no matter how small

5. Do something kind for myself (get my nails done, buy new shampoo, etc.)

This exercise might seem simple, but that’s because it is. When you’re in the throes of grieving or feeling overwhelmed, it can be the thing that saves you from staying in bed all day.

When writing your list, ask yourself: what do I need to do right now? Do I need to sit and take 10 deep breaths? Do I need to make dinner for my kids? Do I need to take the garbage out?

When your mind starts spinning and you feel like your world is collapsing, you can pick up your list and focus on what needs to get done.

Take a moment now to write down your 5 tasks. Make sure to include 1 or 2 to take care of yourself. And keep this list close by. If you miss a few one day, that’s OK, just start again the next day. But don’t give up.


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