Are you happy with the progress you have made in your life even though your goals have not been fully achieved? Believe it not, I find most people I speak with are dissatisfied with their accomplishments until they have met 100% of their goal.  I’d like to remind you of the power in that 1% and how each percentage of movement towards the goal matters!


A couple of months ago in Oregon we were in the middle of a terrible wildfire season. Our air quality went from healthy to “hazardous” with a reading well over 400, and then dropped to 192 “unhealthy” in a matter of days. This was a huge difference in percentages and was the difference between being stuck in our homes to being able to step outside and breathe. The return to having a healthy air percentage was not immediate, however those 200 percentage points were paramount! Going from being sequestered in our homes again to being able to step outside for a few minutes to take out the garbage and not smell and feel like you are in the midst of a campfire felt wonderful. And thankfully, with much hard work from firefighters, after a week or so we returned to a healthy air quality.


What does this have to do with your life accomplishments and goals? As an example, let’s consider where percentages matter in wanting to take control of your mood.  So many people have this goal and will make an attempt to change it. However some, after a short period of time, when they haven’t met the goal of feeling better every day, all day, simply decide they just are never going to feel less down, and give up.


Like any goal or desire, feeling mentally stronger happens in percentage points, and by controlling one thought at a time. One percentage point may be gained by choosing to get up and take a shower over staying in bed today. Another percentage might be gained by choosing a healthy brain building snack over a sugary snack that might cause you to be foggy and feel lethargic. Or another gained by going outside to take in some deep breaths even though it’s raining, or by simply exercising for five minutes. These little steps are the vitals steps that eventually add up and move you closer to your goal, inch by inch.


Whether it’s a personal goal for your mental, spiritual, or physical health, or if you are striving to improve relationships, changing behavior patterns, or reaching your financial and business goals, every single movement forward is a percentage.


CHALLENGE: Take a moment to go back to read my “The Power of Now” blog.  Make yourself a list of three things that you can do to move yourself one percentage point towards your goal. Then choose one a day, and do it! Be PROUD of every little step you make, because you are reaching your goals!

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